7 Reasons Why You Need a Deep Cleansing Facial Now

What is more concerning than seeing those oily bumps and those visible blackheads on your nose when you look in the mirror? It’s also the start of summer and you can feel that heat already touching your face. You touch your forehead and you felt all those breakouts and oils all over. It’s probably time to tell yourself that you need a good facial. Yes, you really do need a good facial.

Question is, what kind of facial do you need? With all those overwhelming variety of facial treatments to choose from, it is important that you know at least the benefits of which facial you are getting. If you seek to get a solution to those clogged pores, acne, breakouts and oils, then we recommend to get yourself a Deep Cleansing Facial.


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It’s good for Oily and Problematic Skin – A Deep Cleansing Facial is good for oily or problematic skin, especially if you suffer from acne and breakouts often. Summer is the season for people with oily skin to get facials. Being outside, under the sun, and the use of sunscreen can affect oily skin the most.

It Removes any Dirt and Impurities – We all don’t want our pores to be clogged, because if that happens, the skin won’t breathe properly, oil can’t be secreted, excess dirt can’t be excreted and moisture won’t be absorbed by the skin. Thus, here comes Blackheads, Whiteheads and even Acne or Pimples. A Deep cleansing facial gently removes all dirt and impurities, leaving those pores clean and unclogged.

It Cleans the skin thoroughly – Getting your skin deep cleanse is a whole lot of experience. Aside from basic cleaning, you will also experience steaming to open the pores and loosen up all those dirt and debris. This will be followed by an extraction to help remove sebum and unclog the pores. Finally, after exfoliating all those dead skin cells, it’s time to treat your skin with a special mask that acts as vacuum and skin strengthener.

It’s good for any Age or Gender – Whatever age or gender you may be, a good and thorough deep cleanse treatment can be good for you as this facial focuses on specific problems such as pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, clogged pores and breakouts. These might be always visible to younger skin but who says you can’t have such problems as your skin ages?

It Reduces the appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines – Yes it does. It seems that Deep Cleansing Facial doesn’t just give you a thorough skin cleaning but also helps your skin to reduce wrinkles and prevent them from coming. This has something to do with fighting free radicals that actually cause them.

It will Reinvigorate the Skin – Think of the words ‘Revive’, ‘Refresh’, ‘Strengthen’ and ‘Rejuvenate’. They might be synonymous to each other but just imagine how nice it would be to associate these words to your skin after having a Deep Cleansing Facial. These words describe how your skin will feel after one good session.

It Brightens your day – When it’s time to bury that coat and wool socks again in your closet and show off some skin with that cool summer dress, it’s also time to show your summer smile to everyone and be worry-free of any face bumps, oiliness, acne and dirt residues.

Aside from knowing all the benefits of getting a Deep Cleansing Facial, it is also important to have a proper and qualified facial therapist to do the job for you. A visit to Bioxage for your monthly Deep Cleansing Facial means a proper diagnosis of your facial skin type and which kind of treatment is the most suitable for you. Having your skin deeply cleanse is not just a normal facial routine as it requires attention and the most vital care, to ensure that you got your skin properly cleaned and rejuvenated. Bioxage Spa NYC gives you the assurance that this can be done by using exclusive spa products and facial treatment performed by experienced facial therapists.

Now that you know how Deep Cleansing Facial can benefit you, it’s time to book your appointment. As part of its June Specials, Bioxage offers a 60-Minute Deep Cleansing Facial for just $90 instead of $120 when you book online and use the Online Discount Code FACIAL. Booking period is from June 01 – June 30 only. The spa is located at Midtown East Manhattan at The Roosevelt Hotel, right in the heart of NYC.


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