Apples For Amazing Skin

Apples have a rejuvenating effect on the face. When you make it a part of your daily routine, apples can help make your skin glow.  Charged with Vitamin C, a fantastic ingredient for your skin and hair, and the only vitamin ingredient that helps in the production of collagen. Vitamin C increases skin cell production, which in turn strengthens hair and nails.  Apples also contain B Vitamins, as Vitamin B5 & B9 supports smooth, supple skin. Apples contain pectin, which is essential for increasing collagen growth in skin. The peel of the apple contains the highest amount of pectin; selective research shows that the pectin, within the peel of an apple may be greater than the amount in the actual fruit itself.

So start boosting your skin today and see the difference!

Secrets of Ageless Living

The secret to becoming younger at any age is the practice, discipline and art of continuous transformation of self aspiration to be beautiful and fantastic!  Here, we will explore top secrets from around the globe on how you can do just that and to be the best that you can be.

The good news is, we can actually extend our lifespan as well as reduce the effects of aging.

Here are several things we can do on a regular basis that can enhance our appearance, improve our health, and even possibly slow down the aging process:

The first is nutritional, lets discuss several nutrients that may be beneficial.

  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and B6 (Pyridoxine).  B5 is a constituent of co-enzyme A, which acts as a detoxifier in the body. Vitamin B6, necessary to metabolize amino acids, acts as a defense to the immune system with Folic Acid another B vitamin, to increase the body’s homocysteine levels. Homocysteine has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  • Looking at the benefits of Fish Oil’s EFA’S (essential fatty acids) one of the finest anti-aging supplements on the market.  The most exciting beauty aspect of Fish Oil is that it makes the skin soft and smooth. It has a wonderful effect on improving the heart and immune system, protection of  blood vessels, fat burning capabilities, decreasing blood pressure, and increasing your metabolism and boosting brain function!
  • Massage away stress. The anti-aging benefits of a massage therapy are fantastic and has the ability to increase circulation, move blocked energy pathways and give you a feeling of well being.  Indulge yourself with our Deep Tissue Massage or a Reflexology Foot Treatment for a total relaxation.
  • Drinking water is also a powerful habit to the road of anti-aging. Being properly hydrated is very important as it  affects almost every processes that occurs in the body.  It maintains the health and integrity of every cell in the body, acting as a natural moisturizer to keep the skin soft and supple.  Water is the fountain of life, and drinking 8-10 glasses a day will prevent premature aging and dehydration.
  • Staying healthy with a regular exercise routine, helps to reduce the effects of aging, and help to slow down its process.  Although moderate exercise performed three time a week is very good, it has now been determined that, strenuous exercise, (where sweating is achieved) has even greater effect.  Some of the benefits include, decreased weight, increased muscle mass, improved circulation, increased energy and a decreased risk of heart disease.  Those who exercise regularly look and feel better than those who do not.
  • Keeping the mind challenged is a primary state of mind. We all know people who are “young at heart” and they usually look like it too.  It is very important to exercise the mind when speaking of anti-aging.  From staying mentally active like learning a foreign language, playing chess, to staying social like interacting with people on a regular basis, are the experiences that will definitely enhance the mind.  Start thinking and acting young now!

You can add years to your life with a healthier diet, low in fat, while incorporating more fruits and vegetables and fiber daily.

Let’s look at the 7 anti-aging super foods:

  1. Olive Oil – Four decades ago, researchers concluded that the monounsaturated fats in olive oil were greatly responsible for for the low rates of heart disease on the Greek Island of Crete. Now we know that olive oil contains polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that assist in preventing age related disease.
  2. Yogurt in the 1970’s Soviet Georgia was rumored to have more people at the age of 100 than any other country.  Reports at the time claimed the secret of their longevity was yogurt, a food staple in their diets.  While the age defying powers of Yogurt have never been proven directly, Yogurt is rich in calcium, which helps to decrease osteoporosis and contains good ‘pro-biotic’ bacteria, that help maintain gut health and diminish the incidence of age related digestive issues.
  3. Fish in the 1980’s researchers began to study why the native tribes of Alaska were remarkably free of heart disease.  The reasons scientists believe is the extraordinary amount of fish they consume. Fish, being an amazing source of omega-3 fats, assisting in the reduction of cholesterol buildup in the arteries.
  4. Chocolate which is in abundance in the Rain Forest areas of South America, have a heart disease rate that is 9 times less than that of city dwellers.  The reason.. they drink a regular beverage made with coco or raw (cacao) which is rich in flavanols that assist in preserving the healthy function of blood vessels. Critical in lowering the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.
  5. Nuts recommended as a heart healthy food, by the American Heart Association, offer a great source of unsaturated fats, offering benefits similar to olive oil.  They are also a source of concentrated vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, including antioxidants.
  6. Red Wine – Drinking red wine in moderation protects against heart disease.  Red Wine has been the focus of many studies and research.  Containing resveratrol, a compound that contributes to its benefits, may assist in the activation of genes that slow the cellular aging process.
  7. Blueberries studies have shown, compounds in Blueberries help to decrease inflammation and oxidative damage, which are associated with age related issues in memory and motor function.

You can practice anti-aging every day right where you are.  Everything is actually right at our fingertips.  Each of of these tips can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Remember, consistency is the key! Just tap into your own Fountain of Youth.

A Quick Glimpse about Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is an exceptional skin treatment, which helps to renew the skin, and give the skin a more youthful appearance, by considering a series of treatments, the benefits will increase with each session!

How Microdermabrasion Works

Microdermabrasion is a form of deep exfoliation which micro crystals glide across the skin to remove dead skin cells, while improving the texture and smoothness of the skin, while promoting the turnover of collagen and new skin cells. Creating that youthful glow, this treatment can also be used to correct and treat a wide range of skin problems, including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, dry skin, age spots and more. Microdermabrasion is known for instant results , painless, suitable for all skin types, allowing products to be more readily absorbed into the skin. Although a single treatment will leave you noticing the difference immediately, we recommend a series of treatments..our experts will determine what is best for your skin.

Microdermabrasion will assist in reducing clogged pores, leaving your skin healthier and smoother. With each treatment, your skin cells will be replaced with new and healthy cells, resulting in a glowing complexion. You will see the difference of smoother skin almost instantly after your treatment, leaving your skin free from blemishes and fines lines with multiple treatments.