What’s Happening in our Nail Spa?

Sometimes having busy schedules can lead to us having no time to indulge. We need to break from that cycle and treat ourselves to a simple luxury, with Bioxage Nail Services. For those looking for a quick touch-up and polish we offer the Classic Manicure and Pedicure: nail care and a new coat of nail polish, leaving your hands new and spotless. If you are the type of person that is busy and always on the run, especially in New York City, why not give up a short amount of time for a Shellac Color Gel Manicure. With Shellac, your manicure will last longer, while looking its best.


Indulging yourself can be done in so many ways, in short amounts of time. One of them could be with the Hot Stone Pedicure. This treatment can be very beneficial, especially for those who suffer from arthritis, and for overworked hands that sometimes just need a rest.

Our hands touch everything, and with the change of seasons and weather, our hands can go through a rough patch and become very dry and might require some help. If you want to partake in full relaxation with our most beneficial products for the hands and skin, try the Bioxage™ Plus Spa Manicure or the Bioxage™ Plus Spa Pedicure, or both. These treatments are unique to our brand and are notable for its Dead Sea Salt Scrub, which will leave your skin silky soft and completely nourished. Dead Sea Salt is known for its minerals, the most beneficial being Magnesium: fights stress and fluid retention and slows the aging process; It also contains Calcium that increases circulation; Bromides: that ease the muscles. Finally we have Potassium, which energizes your body and  balances skin moisture. This treatment is not only beneficial for your skin but for your body as well. It helps your overall function, leaving your refreshed and rejuvenated, for a busy day in the Big Apple.

Our nail services are currently available at Bioxage Spa & Services New York City location, right at The Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E 45th St New York, NY 11107. You may book online at www.bioxagespa.com or call us at 212 499 0900 for more details about your Manicure and Pedicure experience.