July Tip: The ‘At Home’ Egg White Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Beautiful Woman Applying Natural Homemade Facial Mask

We love the results of the Egg White Face Mask! Why? Because it is amazingly good for your skin.  Here are our favorite masks you can do at home! It tightens and tones the skin, working wonders for oily skin by shrinking large pores and reducing excess sebum.

Lets take a look at all of the beneficial ingredients in Egg Whites:


for tissue repair and growth

promotes strong wrinkle free skin


hydrates and moisturizes

helps preserve moisture in skin cells


eliminates toxic and cell damaging free radicals that cause wrinkles


for youthful radiant skin

Egg White face masks have been used since ancient times, especially in Asia to achieve beautiful radiant skin.  You can use Egg White alone or add in other powerful ingredients.Lets look at the most effective masks right now:

Facial Clearing Egg White Mask


1        Pc         Egg White

1        Tsp       Lemon Juice

1/2    Tsp        Honey


Mix together egg white and lemon until foamy and add in honey. Apply to clean skin with a cotton ball, wait 15 minutes and rinse with cold water, pat dry and marvel at the beautiful feel of your skin!


Repairs damaged skin, lighten scars and blemishes, fights acne bacteria. Honey has antibacterial properties. It is also a wonderful skin lightening and moisturizing agent.  Lemon Juice is a powerful astringent that fights acne causing bacteria. Lightens skin and reduces discoloration.

Hydrating Egg White Face Mask


1        Pc         Egg White

1/4    Pc         Ripe Avocado

1       Tsp        Yogurt


Mash avocado into a paste, or use a blender.  Use plain unsweetened yogurt preferably with live cultures. Wait 15 minutes rinse with cool water, pat dry and see the difference!


Avocado hydrates and moisturizes the skin creating a youthful glow.  Yogurt nourishes dry, flaky skin back to soft supple more youthful skin. This hydrating egg white mask is great for those with dry skin.  It contains powerful ingredients such as avocado, packed with vitamin and nutrients, perfect for hydrating skin to make it smooth and supple.  The egg white will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients such as protein and riboflavin.

Oxygen Facial Facts You Didn’t Know About

The ever famous oxygen facial may have been popularized already by various celebrities that can’t get enough of its treatment benefits and results. Madonna, being the most famous fan of all, even has her, not to mention one on each of her houses, own oxygen machine. We have to admit that this treatment has been a craze among famous celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham. The effects can be seen dramatically by how these celebrities’ skin tone and texture look like off and on camera.


What is it with Oxygen facial that makes famous celebrities crazy over it? Does it really work? Is it the answer to a younger looking skin? How long does the result last and how can I achieve the same effect and benefits? We’re about to answer these questions as we go on revealing all about this biggest celebrity beauty secret; The Oxygen Facial.

What is Oxygen Facial?

Let’s kick this off with the conclusion that Oxygen Facial is non-invasive at all, in fact, it is an alternative to invasive aesthetic treatments like Botox or surgery. Since Bioxage offers only natural and non-invasive treatments, Oxygen facial has been one of the most sought after facials as it rejuvenates the skin and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also enhances overall hydration of the skin.

Close-up portrait of beautiful, fresh, healthy and sensual girl isolated on white

Getting Oxygen facial at Bioxage Spa is like having the best of both world. Besides the basic deep cleaning as initial steps, the facial therapist performs luxury add-on facial steps that one can’t get from a medical environment, at the same time providing an approach that is more result-oriented. This facial treatment also provides a more personal approach as the therapist conducts a deep skin analysis to determine the proper steps that will suit the client best. By doing this, one can actually foresee what results may occur after the treatment. Apart from all these steps, a Bioxage Oxygen facial is not just an ordinary facial since it incorporates its own and exclusive Bioxage Sauna Mask during the treatment which is proven helpful for blood circulation, sensitivity, acne, and breakouts. In addition to that, a Vitamin C booster is applied right after the mask. Bioxage Vitamin C booster is for all skin types and it helps to even out skin tone, diminish sun damage, breaks and minimize pigmentation and helps the skin to produce natural collagen. Integrating these extra steps promotes a more effective absorption of oxygen which is naturally antibacterial and cooling to the skin.

What to expect?

Celebrities have given away the result of having an oxygen facial treatment. In this case, we’ll say it ourselves; the results are instant and noticeable. Let’s just say that the skin will look glowing right after the facial and the glow will last around 2 weeks or so. Make-up won’t be necessary to that natural glow. However, putting on make-up may enhance that look. Why? Because the skin is more hydrated, tighter and smoother. You can try for yourself.

It is best to do an oxygen facial before a special occasion like weddings, birthdays,and other life events because it provides an instant glowing skin right after the treatment. However, like all the other facial treatments, a single session will not provide a forever result. The skin may look glowing and incredibly brighter and smoother for days up to weeks, it is still best to continue doing a regular oxygen treatment. Usually, celebrities do the treatment once a week up to three months then once a month thereafter. Putting the cost of the treatment plus the celebrity routine on spending money on their skin, it is a total investment.


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Well, one doesn’t have to be a celebrity to achieve what Oxygen treatment has to offer. Bioxage recommends doing Oxygen facial at least twice a month on the first two months and once a month thereafter. An Oxygen Facial at Bioxage is usually 60 minutes long and cost $100. By doing so, this regularity will help maintain the skin and will give the same benefits and results. We call it a celebrity investment without investing too much.

And it’s trending…
Last June 2016, Bioxage Spa have launched a special about its Deep Cleansing Facial which helps oily, breakout prone and sensitive skin. This time, Bioxage Spa wants to justify the latest and the most popular celebrity trend; The Oxygen Facial.

“We want that clients will experience the wonderful and amazing results of having an oxygen facial,” says Mercedes Sanchez, the head aesthetician of Bioxage Spa. Mercedes has been providing excellent facial treatment to Bioxage’s clients since its opening date and have received positive reviews on websites like Yelp and Google Plus.

What to do before and after your waxing appointment?

Just as important as any other body treatments, waxing requires proper preparation and aftercare. Although everyone that is not new to waxing has already mastered waxing101, we, at Bioxage have list down the most important things you need to know before and after your wax appointment.


  1. Be prepared. Come to your waxing appointment with clean and dry skin, whatever waxing treatment you opt to choose. Exfoliate your skin, the night before the appointment to scrub off those dead skin cells that can clog hair glands and result in unwanted ingrown. It is also important to let your waxing therapist know exactly what or how you want your waxing to be done.
  2. Lessen the pain by taking some pain relievers 30-40 minutes before your appointment.
  3. Moisturize your skin daily before you wax.


  1. Avoid doing these things for at least 12 hours after your waxing appointment:
    • Sunbathing
    • Swimming in chlorinated water
    • Spa baths or saunas
    • Physical activities
  2. Avoid using topical lotions, perfumes or moisturizers on the waxed area
  3. Avoid wearing tight clothing like leggings, tight jeans or anything that may irritate the waxed area.

It is better not to touch the waxed area to make sure it remains bacteria free. Waxing aftercare is just as important as waxing itself, so it is vital to follow these simple things to ensure good waxing experience.

Now, it is also important to exfoliate and moisturize everyday 2-3 days after your waxing appointment. It is also advisable not to shave in between appointments and to reschedule every 4 weeks to achieve maximum waxing benefits.

When it comes to waxing season, Bioxage is as prepared as you are. That is why we have prepared a Waxing treat that will surely get along with your skin needs this summer. Get 30% Discount on any waxing treatment (except Brazilian) when you book online or over the phone from June 01 – June 30, 2016. All you have to do is use coupon code ALLWAX upon checkout or mention it to our friendly booking representatives.

Is there anything else we’ve missed? Well, we all know that getting a summer Brazilian Wax is just as important to everyone so we are giving more discount on this special treatment. Get a Brazilian Wax for only $40 instead of Regular Price $60 when you use the code BWAX.

Bioxage Spa Services June Specials can be booked from June 01 – June 30, 2016 only. Treatments for specials are by appointment only. We are located at The Roosevelt Hotel, 45E 45TH ST New York, NY 10017. Book your appointment online or call 212 499 0900. We look forward to do waxing with you!


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Featured Product : Bioxage All Day Moisturizer

Day cream-min

Are you moisturizing your skin every day? Moisturizing your face will help you to feel and look younger, you will have softer and more supple skin while keeping your skin hydrated. All these things are very important if you want to continue to look as young as possible in the years to come.  At BioXage, we have our amazing All Day Moisturizer. With poly -peptides that noticeably tighten and smooth facial skin, complete with Almond, Olive, Jojoba Oils and Shea Butter to replenish moisture, while Ginko, Rosemary and Camomile stimulate the skin towards a more youthful appearance. With the addition of boosters of Vitamins B5, A & E. Because our products are naturally sourced at the Dead Sea, you will see instant and continuing results throughout time!

Featured Product : Bioxage Lifting Mask

facial lifting mask-min

This unprecedented rich lifting mask is powered by our exclusive botanical ingredients directly from the Dead Sea such as Avocado, Aloe, Sweet Almond Oil, Camomile, Olive and Jojoba oils, Vitamin E and algae extracts.  Virtually smoothing and lifting out the look of lines and wrinkles!  The anti-wrinkle peptide softens the appearance of expression lines. This advanced formula is infused with our powerful plant extracts that will moisturize and smooth dry skin! Feel the rejuvenation and instant results!

Your Way to Healthy Looking Hands and Feet

We all have our favorite pampering moment. It is our way of escaping a busy, sometimes stressful life once in a while. One of the most common indulgence is taking a detour for a quick and relaxing hands and feet fix. A lot of men and women visit nail salons regularly to enjoy a relaxing manicure and pedicure treatment. Who doesn’t want beautiful and clean fingernails and toenails? Especially, when it is the season of wearing sandals and slippers.

We, at BioXage, don’t want to miss that season, so we are giving out a special summer treat to everyone. But first, let’s take a look at how regular manicure and pedicure can benefit you.

Manicured female feet and hand in spa wooden bowl with flowers and water closeup

A regular Mani & Pedi improves the health of fingernails and toenails. Your nails won’t just grow faster and healthier, you are also stopping ingrown toe nails and other unsightly concerns such as Fungus, and Thick, Curved and Brittle Nails. Therefore, it greatly improves the appearance of your hands and feet.

Manicure and Pedicure prevent nail diseases or nail disorders. We don’t want it to be the other way around so we prioritize the cleanliness and sanitation of the spa and equipment used each session.

Classic Pedicure includes soaking and scrubbing, in addition to the basic nail care. This way, dead skin cells are exfoliated, leaving you with a renewed and healthy looking feet.

The massage comes along with it. When we say relaxing and pampering treatment, we mean it. Your hands or feet treatment are not done without a soothing massage given by our nail experts. A regular Manicure and Pedicure promotes blood circulation to help reduce pain and allow proper body heat distribution.

We also assure that your polish application is professionally done. There is always a huge difference between how your nail polish looked like after a DIY and after one done by a professional. Moreover, professional manicure and pedicure last longer.

What is more relaxing than having your hands and feet renewed and your fingernails and toenails free of dirt, dead cells and stress?  Bioxage Spa NYC offers such extra comforting treatment with our Classic Manicure and Pedicure suitable for both men and women.

We invite you to see for yourselves and experience such a pampering Mani Pedi treat in the heart of New York City. Get a set of Classic Manicure & Classic Pedicure for only $45 instead of $60 when you book from June 01 – 30, 2016. You may book your appointment online and use the Online Discount Code MANIPEDI or call our booking hotline 212 499 0900. Bioxage Spa & Services is located at The Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E 45th Street.

See you soon!


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