Healthiest Foods for Glowing Skin

Did you know that the top complexion enhancements come right from the aisles of your supermarket?


Increasing studies are finding a connection between certain nutrients in food that reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and reduce acne.  Here are the stellar foods that can help you achieve that glow:

  • Get Glowing With Chocolate

Cocoa hydrates your skin, making it firmer and more supple.  Dark Chocolate contains high levels of flavanols, a potent type of antioxidant,  eat chocolate that is 70% cacao.

  • Prevent Wrinkles with Yogurt 

Protein from dairy helps skin become firmer, so it’s more resistant to forming lines on the face.  Greek yogurt is especially beneficial, as the protein content is double that of regular yogurt.

  • Protect with Pomegranates

Packed with Vitamins and antioxidants, help to fight free radicals and regulate skin blood and circulation flow.

  • Soften Skin with Walnuts

Walnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skins elasticity, rich in minerals that boost collagen production to the skin.

  • Brighten Skin with Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have extremely high amounts of Vitamin E, and protects the top layers of the skin from the sun.  Sunflower seed oil can be used topically to elevate dry skin!

Bowl of oatmeal porridge, topped with fresh blueberries and yogurt. Healthy, delicious variation of a traditional Scottish breakfast.


  • Amazing Benefits of Oatmeal

Steel cut Oatmeal is less processed than other varieties, so it retains more vitamins. It’s aids in stabilizing and lowering blood sugar levels.

  • Clam the Skin with Green Tea

Green Tea is extremely high in antioxidants which is proven to reduce redness and inflammation in the body. Drink at least one cup a day and experience these benefits!

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