Bioxage Winter Beauty Tips


With the dryness of the winter months upon us we need to rethink our beauty regimen. There are so many wonderful products we can find right in our own kitchen, so lets explore how these simple natural products can enhance your skin almost instantly. Soothe the dryness of winter months with these all natural skin care do at home treatments:

  • Olive Oil

Being the base ingredient for various moisturizing products on the market, Olive Oil has many antioxidant properties that have amazing properties to prevent and repair dry, irritated skin which can lead to fine lines.

Try this simple Olive Oil salt scrub:

Mix one tablespoon of Olive Oil with juice of 1 lemon with 4 tablespoons of sea salt

This light refreshing scrub with leave you feeling energized and your skin incredibly soft!

  • Coconut Oil

An amazing wonderful natural moisturizer, it can be used for the face or hands, and makes a great cuticle conditioner. You can also use it in your bath with some essential oils such as lavender, rose or eucalyptus for a refreshing soak!

  • Honey

Using organic Manuka honey from New Zealand which has a higher level of enzyme activity than regular honey that creates a natural antibiotic/antibacterial property within the honey that has valuable moisturizing properties for the skin. Just take a teaspoon pat it on the skin, leave on for 15 minutes and you will see the glowing difference!

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