What to do before and after your waxing appointment?

Just as important as any other body treatments, waxing requires proper preparation and aftercare. Although everyone that is not new to waxing has already mastered waxing101, we, at Bioxage have list down the most important things you need to know before and after your wax appointment.


  1. Be prepared. Come to your waxing appointment with clean and dry skin, whatever waxing treatment you opt to choose. Exfoliate your skin, the night before the appointment to scrub off those dead skin cells that can clog hair glands and result in unwanted ingrown. It is also important to let your waxing therapist know exactly what or how you want your waxing to be done.
  2. Lessen the pain by taking some pain relievers 30-40 minutes before your appointment.
  3. Moisturize your skin daily before you wax.


  1. Avoid doing these things for at least 12 hours after your waxing appointment:
    • Sunbathing
    • Swimming in chlorinated water
    • Spa baths or saunas
    • Physical activities
  2. Avoid using topical lotions, perfumes or moisturizers on the waxed area
  3. Avoid wearing tight clothing like leggings, tight jeans or anything that may irritate the waxed area.

It is better not to touch the waxed area to make sure it remains bacteria free. Waxing aftercare is just as important as waxing itself, so it is vital to follow these simple things to ensure good waxing experience.

Now, it is also important to exfoliate and moisturize everyday 2-3 days after your waxing appointment. It is also advisable not to shave in between appointments and to reschedule every 4 weeks to achieve maximum waxing benefits.

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